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Get To Know - Allison Collins

Ha Candy -  Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine how are you?
Allison Collins - I'm great, thanks! :)
Ha Candy -  Have you ever been in Love?
Allison Collins - Yes, I have.  Haven't we all? My experience with falling in love was great! I loved everything about being in love and falling in love.
Ha Candy - Do you think it's harder for someone to catch your attention since you're always the center of attention?
Allison Collins - Men probably work overtime to spark your interest.  No, I don't think it's harder.  I would just tell that person, to just be themselves.
Ha Candy - What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?
Allison Collins - My longest relationship was five years.
Ha Candy - Why did it end?
Allison Collins - It was mutual and we are still good friends today.
Ha Candy - Would you ever date a girl?
Allison Collins - No!
Ha Candy - Would you rather be in love with someone and broke or in a rocky relationship with someone and rich?
Allison Collins - It all depends.  If we were in love and he went broke, then yes of course, I would stay.  If we were in a relationship and he then got rich, but the relationship got rocky, I wouldn't stay just because of the money.
Ha Candy - Money in relationships, do you prefer 50/50, gold digging, or every man/woman for him/herself?
Allison Collins - Of course, I think it should always be 50/50. Who wants a gold digger or someone just all for themselves??
Ha Candy - If big things come in small packages, what would we be surprised to learn about you?
Allison Collins - You will just have to stick around to find out. ;)
Ha Candy - You're a spokesmodel for Sexual Abuse , tell us about that.
Allison Collins - Yes, absolutely!  It is basically an organization (Leigh, Heard No More Secrets) urging people, specifically males, to stop hiding behind the secrets of molestation, rape, and sexual abuse which are holding them bondage. It's about not being afraid, speaking out, and finding true healing.  The beginning of the healing process, is the commitment to speakout.  With that being said, we urge people to let the healing begin!
Ha Candy - If there are thousands of women that leave an abusive relationship & live to tell the story why is it so hard for other women to leave?
Allison Collins - I think it's difficult for a woman to recognize that it's a problem.  I believe that some women get so use to the abuse, that it then becomes normal for them.  At times they may even feel trapped.  In order to get out of any situation, you must first recognize the problem and be willing to make a change.  Every one person is different.  So therefore, every situation cannot be dealt with the same way.
Ha Candy - What is unique about you?
Allison Collins - I would say my personality is one of a kind.
Ha Candy - Any Shout outs?
Allison Collins - Yes, I would like to first and foremost, thank God!!!  He is number one in my life!  I would like to thank my father, my mother, Amber C., John K., Bishop of Crunk, T. Miles, WRK Network, T. Platinum, Kishia, and all my friends, fans, and family.  I love you all!
Ha Candy - Thank for hanging out with us.
Allison Collins - Anytime ;)