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Get To Know: Natalia Shanelle

1) Name:  Natalia Shanelle
2) Age:  21
3) Birthplace/Hometown:  born in Los Angeles, I now reside in New Jersey
4) Measurements: 34b,28,32
5) Zodiac sign: LEO
6) Favorite drink: a mojito muddeled with strawberries and bananas topped with prosseco
7) Favorite food: a savory steak or seafood
8) Turn on & off: a lot of energy and openness to explore. turn off, being shallow anti social and closed minded
9) Describe yourself in one sentence?: I have a huge spirit the size of the sun and I am the person you meet that will leave an impression on you for a lifetime.
10) Any shout outs: To lord god above. I am so thankful for all my blessings
11) Would like to thank anyone: my father for raising me to have a back bone, and my aunt Sonia for her glorious words of wisdom
12) What makes you feel sexy?: When I’m having a great hair day, a trip to the salon or when im wearing something that i know fits me unbelievably perfect. to be freely adventurous! I am scared of nothing but failure. I have a lot of confidence taking life head on and i feel so sexy when I smile and people notice my happy content.
13) What is your favorite body part and why?: I’m sure everyone would say my legs but personally my most favorable is my back. a low cut dress that shows my slight lean muscle so seductive without over doing it.
14) If you weren’t a model what would you be?: An astronaut
15) What are the Advantages of being a model?: You get to meet so many people and travel the world at less of an expense and more importantly if you have other talents it can open the door for other opportunities.
16) Where can we find you? Do you have a website or facebook page?:
www.internationalfiregoddess.com  //  www.facebook.com/internationalfiremodels

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