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Get To Know: Audrey

1)  Name - Audrey McCary 

2)  Age - 27

3)  Birthplace/Hometown - Piscataway

4)  Measurements - 34-28-38
5)  Zodiac Sign - Gemini

6)  Favorite Drink - Moet Nectar

7)  Favorite Food - Crab cakes

8)  Turn On & Turn Offs? - Turn on is the scent of a man who just took a hot shower and turn off is a guy with dirty fingernails or bad teeth

9)  Describe Yourself In One Sentence - I am a loving, nurturing, sensitive woman who wants to conquer this world by being the best I can be everyday

10)  Any Shout Outs? - Shout out to all the women who make a man want to be a better man
11)  Would You Like To Thank Anyone? - Thank u to anyone who believes in me, because believing is seeing the best outcome before it even happens

12)  What Makes You Feel Sexy? - I feel sexy in sweats, heels and a skirt, or even just a little eyeliner...its all about how you carry yourself
13)  What Is Your Favorite Body Part? Why? - My favorite body part is the abs. I like someone who works hard to maintain having a nice body and lifestyle
14)  If You Weren’t A Model What Would You Be? - Well I'd love to sing:)
15)  What Are The Advantages Of Being A Model? - Advantages are usually getting flattering compliments from sexy-rich-n smart men who want to shower you in love, and getting to travel places I normally wouldn't have if I wasn't modeling

16)  Where Can We Find You?  Do You Have A Website Or Facebook Page? - www.internationalfiregoddess.com