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Get To Know: Samantha

1)  Name - Samantha Leigh Gallina   
2)  Age - 23
3)  Birthplace/Hometown - Born in Staten Island, NY currently live in Easton, PA
4)  Measurements - 34 B, 27
5)  Zodiac Sign - Virgo
6)  Favorite drink - Red Wine
7)  Favorite food - Sushi or Mexican food
8)  Turn on & offs - Turn ons would be a confident guy who has a great sense of humor. Turn offs, guys who are too cocky and someone who is short, I'm a tall girl!
9)  Describe Yourself In One Sentence - I am a wild girl with big dreams and an even bigger heart!
10) Any Shout Outs? - To everyone I have ever met who has hated on me in any way, your words only push me to achieve success. And a shout out to anyone who will help me on this unknown path and help me accomplish big things!
11)  Would You Like To Thank Anyone? - My family and friends who are always supportive of what I do and give me confidence to pursue my dreams.
12)  What Makes You Feel Sexy? - Getting all dolled up (hair, makeup, hot outfit. etc), going out with my girls and dancing the night away!
13)  What Is Your Favorite Body Part? Why? - Favorite body part on a guy would be arms, I love muscles, and it's nice to have a strong guy to protect you just in case :).
14)  If You Weren’t A Model What Would You Be? - I have my certification in Early Childhood Education. So if I wasn't pursuing a modeling career I'd be a preschool teacher.
15)  What Are The Advantages Of Being A Model? - Definitely meeting great new people, awesome opportunities, and having a blast at work!
16)  Where Can We Find You? - Do You Have A Website Or Facebook Page? Hopefully you'll be seeing me more and more! You can look me up on- www.internationalfiregoddess.com