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Get to know: Alice Cronin

Age: 19
Nationality: Half African and half Irish
Height: 5'3"                     
Weight: 128
Measurement: bust: 34D waist: 29 hips: 36
Dress Size: 4
Shoe Size: 6

When & why did you start modeling?  
I started modeling in May 2011 because it has been something I've always wanted to pursue so I decided to give my dreams one last try.
Are you currently in school & if so what are you studying? 
Right now I'm a sophomore in college and I'm majoring in Nursing.
Describe your personality in one word...
If you weren’t modeling what profession would you like to do? 
Either a Nurse or a Doctor.
Whats your favorite season of the year & why? 
Winter because I love Christmas. 
You're from South Jersey, any cool spots there to hang out? 
My favorite spot to chill out there is the shore.
How do you like to have fun & relax? 
Spending time with my family or going out with my friends helps me relax.
What is irresistible in a man/woman to you? 
What I find irresistible in a man is his smell and a great sense of humor.
Where can people find you on the web & do you have any upcoming events? 
The best place to find me is through my booking agent www.internationalfiregoddess.com
Any shout outs?  
I want to shout out my parents who are my biggest support system. I love you guys!
If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?  
If my lover were a piece of candy they would be Starbursts, sweet and juicy.